TikTok Can’t Deal With The New Bougie Coles And We’ve Never Been So Excited By Groceries

Screenshots from TikTok videos of Coles Local store

Unlikely heroes rise and fall on TikTok, but the most surprising one of all might be the bougie new Coles Local stores.

ICYMI: Coles Local is the supermarket chain’s fancy new store that has a pasta station, fresh orange juicer, self-serve espresso machine, bread slicer, candy bar, and a dessert parlour stocked with mochi ice cream, macaroons and mini gelato cones.

The trolleys even have cup holders, and a few of the stores have machines that will peel an entire pineapple for you. Thanks to these features, tours of Coles Local stores have been going off on TikTok.

The trend started when @mmercedesmclean posted a video tour of the Glenferrie store in Melbourne, describing it as “Literally the most boujee Coles I have ever seen.”

Her video is like a soothing walkthrough of the store’s self-serve stations, the extensive candy bar and the rows upon rows of rainbow treats at the dessert parlour.

It’s been watched more than 100,000 times, and since then other Aussies have started posting their own tours and reviews of Coles Local on TikTok.

A pet treat bar and a PASTA bar? Is this grocery heaven? Also we’d like a Tik Tok on those prices please.

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Ok, but just wait for the DIY bread slicer. I cannot tell you how many safety protocols we had around those during my time at Brumby’s, and now it seems just anyone can give it a go:

Of course a Coles like this exists in Rose Bay. Time to bribe your mate with a car to take you on the bougiest grocery shop of your life, I reckon.

(Lead image: @mmercedesmclean@isabellacasey18 / TikTok)

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