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Christmas Has Come Early: A ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pop-Up Arrives In NYC Today

Christmas Has Come Early: A ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Pop-Up Arrives In NYC Today

Bob's Burgers

Have you ever watched an episode of Bob’s Burgers and wished you could demolish one of Bob Belicher’s signature dishes for yourself? Of course you have. Well, wish no more, because a real-life Bob’s Burgers restaurant is popping up in NYC today.

The New York instalment follows a 10-day pop-up in Los Angeles in 2016 that saw people come from far and wide to try a Bob’s burger for themselves.


Celebrity chef Alvin Cailan (who was also responsible for the LA pop-up) will be flipping patties at Chef’s Club Counter, which will be transformed for the event.


The pun-tastic burger line-up is inspired by the show’s Burger of the Day and, naturally, changes daily. They’ll be available on a first-come, first-served basis from 11:30am, so you best plan ahead.

Here’s what you can expect and when:

Monday, December 18: Baby You Can Chive My Car burger (a beef patty with sour cream and mustard sauce, fried pickles and chives)

Tuesday, December 19: Don’t You For Cheddar ‘Bout Me burger (a beef patty with lettuce, bacon, onion, and four different types of cheese)

Wednesday, December 20: Foot Feta-ish burger (AKA the Never Been Feta – a beef patty, rocket, mayonnaise, mustard and feta cheese)

Thursday, December 21: Dark Side of the ‘Shroom burger (a beef patty with shiitake mushrooms, pineapple and teriyaki sauce)

Friday, December 22: Hit Me With Your Best Shallot burger (a beef patty with rocket, chèvre spread and caramelised shallots)

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Saturday, December 23: We’re Here, We’re Gruyere, Get Used To It burger (a beef patty with Gruyere, caramelised onions, sweet pickles on an au jus-dipped bun)

Sunday, December 24: Bet It All On Black Garlic burger (a beef patty with spinach, mozzarella and black garlic spread)

Orders cost a flat $26 and come with a side of fries, a commemorative key and a sticker, with all proceeds to be donated to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Consider it your very own grand re-re-re-opening.

How To Get There

  • Fly into JFK International Airport
  • Take the JFK AirTrain to Jamaica Station
  • Take the J line towards Broad Street to Bowery Station
  • Walk 500m (about 7 minutes) via Delancey Street
  • Chef’s Club Counter, 62 Spring Street, New York
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(Lead image: Fox)

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