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400 People Volunteered To Perform For Train Passengers In Germany

400 People Volunteered To Perform For Train Passengers In Germany

Performance art in Germany's Saale Valley

Hopping aboard a train on your travels is a great opportunity to take a breath, relax and admire the passing scenery, which you otherwise mightn’t get to see. But some lucky passengers on trains through Germany’s Saale Valley were treated to more than they bargained for this week – transportation and a show.

Four-hundred local volunteers turned out to participate in the Bewegtes Land performance art project, which stretched across the 30km long train route for two days. Grassy meadows, lakes and farmland were their stage, and the iconic German countryside their backdrop. The performances were the opposite of ordinary, interweaving reality and fantasy, with papier-mâché sharks, floating bicycles and personified plants.

The community project saw local neighbourhoods pull together to create something truly spectacular, with almost all the locals of nearby town Dornburg-Camburg taking part. Mayor Dorothea Storch hoped the weekend would show that the town she calls home is worth a visit, and not just in passing.

“For one thing, it’s a great weekend, but also people get to notice the beauty of the countryside,” she told Deutsche Welle. “This is not a typical tourist area, so maybe this will attract more people.”

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Next time you’re on the train, keep an eye out. You might just be treated to a show.

(Lead image: Bewegtes Land)

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