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These Epic Foodie Road Trip Itineraries Around Australia Also Help Boost Local Small Businesses

These Epic Foodie Road Trip Itineraries Around Australia Also Help Boost Local Small Businesses

I don’t think the world has collectively looked forward to the end of a year with as much enthusiasm as we are right now, especially in Australia. Right when many places around our country were already reeling from horrific bushfires, then boom, Covid. No wonder we’re excited to see the rear end of this year.

For many of us, that also means some precious time off and — thanks to the re-opening of most Australian borders — the ability to actually take a road trip somewhere.

So what if your little getaway, and the fab food you’ll eat along the way, could also help boost up local business?

Daylesford, VIC

You’ve probably already heard of Empty Esky — “a national tourism movement of foodies and adventurers on a mission to support small businesses affected by the Australian fires”, as described on their website.

“Regional small businesses in Australia have really done it tough this year, but it’s been incredible to see the Aussie spirit shine through to support some of our hardest hit areas,” said Eleanor Baillieu and Erin Boutros, the Co-Founders of Empty Esky.

They’ve prepared some really awesome itineraries that frankly, you’d want to do anyway, but also just happen to help you support your fellow Aussies. Personally, I’m very into this foodie weekend through the Blue Mountains,  this drive through the historic and adorable towns of Victoria and this guide around Tasmania — because honestly, aren’t we all dying to go there?

Good Life Coffee, WA

Right now, you can also get the added bonus of free Audible audiobooks, to break up the monotony driving between places. Yup, when you follow the Great Aussie Audiobook Adventure itineraries, you’ll get access to free, tailored audiobooks and exclusive podcasts.

“This year has been difficult for all Australians, but with summer around the corner we’re all looking forward to a getaway,” said Leanne Cartwright-Bradford, Country Manager at Audible Australia. “As we look to safely holiday in our own backyards this year, Audible has picked some of our favourite road trip listens to keep Aussies entertained on their journey”.

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Butter Factory, NSW

When you stop in at participating small businesses around Australia, just look out for Audible posters with a QR code, give it a scan, and you’re in.

Helping small business recover from the bushfires, stuffing your face AND free audiobooks? That’s a yes from me.

(Lead Image: Provided / Empty Esky)

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