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The Very Best Fish And Chip Shops In Melbourne

The Very Best Fish And Chip Shops In Melbourne

Tank Fish and Chippery - fish and chips in Melbourne

Fish and chips is by far the best thing to have come out of England. There’s just something about light and crispy golden batter wrapped around soft white fish that never fails to delight. When paired with thick-cut chips, something cold and fizzy to drink, and perhaps a fresh salad, it becomes utterly irresistible.

Melbourne is already known for its excellent culinary scene, but that care for food extends to the city’s fish and chip shops as well. From simple takeaway shops to more fancy offerings, Melbourne’s fish and chips cover a wide range of styles to suit all tastes.

Here are some of the best fish and chips shops in Melbourne.


Hooked Fish and Chipper


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Hooked Fish and Chipper is one of the most well-known fryers of fish and chips in Melbourne. The shop’s website boasts that it serves “seafood dishes in a new school classic British style”, and customers are rarely disappointed. It’s a reliable shop for when you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned fry up.

Their classic pack comes with a choice of battered or grilled blue grenadier, while their “Aussie” pack of fish and chips comes with gummy flake and throws in a fried dim sim and potato cake as well. Hooked Fish and Chipper is fairly convenient too, with three locations at Fitzroy, Hawthorn and Windsor.


  • 384 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
  • 669 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn
  • 172 Chapel Street, Windsor

Tank Fish and Chippery


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Tank Fish and Chippery slightly refines the humble fish and chips to deliver something different. Their offering is still far from fine dining, but it isn’t your standard fry up either. Wrapped in a delightfully light batter, Tank’s visible sprinkling of herb seasoning just tips it over the edge into something a bit special.

You have a choice of grilled or battered Atlantic salmon, gummy flake, barramundi or the fish of the day. Alternatively, if you aren’t in the mood for takeaway, Tank Fish and Chippery sells fresh fish at market prices that you can take home and cook up just how you like it.


  • Emporium Melbourne, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
  • 149-151 Lygon Street, Carlton

Tommy Ruff Fish Bar


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Tommy Ruff is run by John Stamoulis, whose father also ran a Melbourne fish and chip shop when he was a kid. Now Stamoulis carries on the tradition, albeit with a slightly more sophisticated bent. This fish and chip shop drips with bold, modern style, but it’s more than a pretty face.

Also with three locations, Tommy Ruff focuses on providing a diverse selection of delicious seafood. Accordingly, this shop has a wide range of fish available, including blue grenadier, gummy flake, orange roughy, Atlantic salmon, barramundi and King George whiting.


  • Shop 3/1-3, Carre Street, Elsternwick
  • 564 Main Street, Mordialloc
  • 121 Chapel Street, Windsor

Paper Fish


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Paper Fish places heavy emphasis on the environment, even more so than many other stores on this list already do. Like others, Paper Fish serves fresh, sustainable fish. However, rather than having a fish of the day, their entire menu is on rotation, and subject to change depending on what fish are “local or in abundance”.

This takeaway shop further sets itself apart with its lightly seasoned crinkle-cut chips, though if you prefer you can grab some sweet potato fries instead.

Where: Beachside, Stokehouse Precinct 30 Jacka Boulevard, St Kilda

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Blu by Australian Seafood Group


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The industrial area of Coburg North isn’t where you’d expect to find Victoria’s Judged Winner in 2018’s Australian Fish and Chips Awards, but Blu by Australian Seafood Group‘s fish and chips are tasty enough that customers are willing to make the trip.

This casual seafood restaurant seats 170, but it’s so popular that you’ll still encounter queues during peak hour. The wait is worth it though — the generous serving sizes and variety of fish on offer make Blu by Australian Seafood Group a place you’ll want to return.

Where: 146 Gaffney St, Coburg North

Richmond Oysters


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Richmond Oysters‘ speciality may be fresh oysters, but this restaurant can also fry up a batch of fish and chips with the best of them. Accompanied by fried peninsula squid, chips and a garden salad, you can choose between gummy flake and either flathead at their Oakleigh location, or the day’s market fish at their Richmond shop.

This bar and restaurant is more sophisticated than your average corner shop, with table seating and decor suitable for a business lunch or casual date. Richmond Oysters’ takeaway menu also has a selection of fish rivalling Tommy Ruff’s, including gummy flake, flathead, rockling, barramundi and salmon.


  • 437 Church Street, Richmond
  • 66 Portman St, Oakleigh
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(Top Image: Tank Fish and Chippery)

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