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This Wine Advent Calendar Is The Only Appropriate Way To Count Down To Christmas In 2020

This Wine Advent Calendar Is The Only Appropriate Way To Count Down To Christmas In 2020

Now that we’ve literally just hit September, apparently it’s time for advent calendars to start popping up. I know a lot of people roll their eyes when Christmas commercialism comes too soon, but to be honest I’m not one of them.

Christmas is when ALL the best treats come out, for starters. Feel free to leave me alone with a few tubs of choccie wafers, please and thank you.

It’s also just 2020, and we need SOMETHING to look forward to. If Christmas itself doesn’t do it for you, just think — it means this shit show of a year is almost over, and isn’t that worth celebrating?

Anyway, I’m on this tangent because you can get your hands on a wine advent calendar, and I’ll need 10.


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Victorian winery, De Bortoli Wines, is doing all of us a bloody favour and banging together a box of 12 different piccolos (either 187ml or 200ml) of wine so you can count down to Christmas in the only way that feels appropriate for the year that has been.

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Obviously they’re all De Bortoli wines, but there will be a variety across red, white, sparkling and rosé. To me, the whole point of an advent calendar is the surprise, but they have given you a little sneak peak at exactly what’s included on the website.

If the pull of wine on its own wasn’t enough (you cray), then perhaps the chance to win a $1,000 De Bortoli gift voucher would tip you over the edge? This year 24 of the advent packs will have a cheeky little message in a bottle with the winning voucher, which can then be used one all your wine faves.

I’m just saying, they had me at wine. You can order here.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Justin Aikin)

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