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Belfast’s Chip Sandwich Shop Is Ridiculously Popular

Belfast’s Chip Sandwich Shop Is Ridiculously Popular

Well. We can’t say we expected this one.

Simply Crispy is a pop up shop in Belfast selling “classic and contemporary” chip sandwiches (or crisps as they’re called in the UK) and it sold out in just under two hours after swinging open their doors yesterday.

The Irish cafe sells sandwiches stuffed with your choice of chip flavour (there’s over 35 to choose from) in a variety of textures (crinkled, thins, frazzles etc) along with your choice of bread and sauces. You can opt to have ham or cheese added and each sandwich also comes with a steamy tomato soup and hot chips for that triple carb hit.


The fact that this is happening in the same corner of the world as Shoreditch’s cereal cafe is not a coincidence. The idea was executed by That Wee Café after reading a article spoofing the cereal cafe on satirical website The Ulster Fry.

With each meal coming in at around a modest $5.50AUD, the demand for the nostalgic meal was overwhelming yesterday with a queue snaking around the block.

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The pop up shop is set to stay open for three to four weeks, with considerations for a longer future.

(Lead image: David Telford/Flickr)

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