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Behold: The Hotel Rooms Of The Future

Behold: The Hotel Rooms Of The Future

There’s no such thing as too weird of an idea in the world of travel. Hell, if someone has the audacity to create a hands-free suitcase that follows you around like a puppy, then we’re obviously wide open to ideas about the future of travel.

Case in point: the illustrious Radical Innovation Awards. Held annually in New York City, these awards celebrate concepts that have the power to change the hotel industry for good. A clear frontrunner from this year’s entrants was a design by the architects HOK called Driftscape.

 No, this is not a deleted scene from The Fifth Element.

HOK’s revolutionary concept is all about delivering a set a self-sustaining hotel rooms to remote corners of the world by drone – how very 2016. By design, these portable rooms are more like pods, fitting in a bed, table and lamp in the enclosed space. If successful, Driftscape will offer several modular units that offer incredible 360-degree views with the ability of flexible relocation.



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The winner of the Radical Innovation Awards will receive $10,000USD to further their design, with winners announced on October 5. Even if HOK’s innovative design doesn’t win, it certainly has potential, and might even be an insight into what the future of travel will look like.

(h/t Travel + Leisure, images courtesy of HOK designs and the Radical Innovation Awards)

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