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This Is An Actual Hotel Room

This Is An Actual Hotel Room

We’ve already told you about the open-air hotel room that gives you a front-row seat to South Africa’s best nature. Now here’s round two.

Sitting pretty in the mountains of Graubünden in Switzerland you’ll find hotel Null Stern‘s latest creation, a unique hotel room, where the “room” part is figurative.


At almost 2000 metres above sea level, the hotel has placed a bed, a couple of nightstands and a lamp beside an incredible Swiss mountainside. There’s no walls or external hotel complex, but that’s OK. With views like that who wants walls getting in the way?


And because this is the true outdoors, there isn’t a bathroom on-premise. Instead, the closest bathroom is a public restroom about a ten minute walk away. There’s a butler on hand to deliver breakfast in bed (a salami sandwich and coffee for two) and help you have the best night possible under the stars.

Fun fact: the name Null Stern actually translates to ‘zero stars’, as their tagline claims “the only star is you.” Cute.

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The room is available for 250 SFR ($337AUD) a night between spring and autumn. As you can imagine, the team at Null Stern do reserve the right to cancel your booking at the last minute if the weather isn’t agreeable. We can’t imagine a soggy bed would be all that nice.

(Photos: Null Stern)

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