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You Can Hire A Pro Drone Photographer To Capture Your Next Vacay

You Can Hire A Pro Drone Photographer To Capture Your Next Vacay

Travel photography is changing. In only a short amount of time we’ve moved from film cameras and printed photos to iPhone photographers and Instagram. So what’s next?

Luxury travel company Black Tomato have launched a brand new service called Drone The World, which will send professional drone cameramen to accompany its guests on their voyages across the globe. This world-first service is born from the idea that while documenting our experiences is essential, we feel inclined to interrupt the experience to capture it on a camera or smartphone. With this service there’s no interruptions; just 24/7 bliss – and a guy standing near you playing with a remote control drone. But as they say in The Wizard of Oz, “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

Check it out in action below.

That’s pretty impressive. Black Tomato have collected an enviable network of professional drone camera operators and artistic directors who have filming credentials that include Star Wars and James Bond, plus docos for National Geographic and the BBC. Like, no big deal. 


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Prices for the experience start at £4,000 (or $6861AUD) per person, which includes flights, accommodation and your accompanying drone specialist. In the past, drone packages have taken guests to Mongolia, Iceland and Myanmar. Before departure, guests can have a one-on-one consultation with their team to discuss what they’d like to capture and how they can turn their travel experiences into the ultimate adventure video.


(Images: Black Tomato)

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