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Someone Used TripAdvisor To Discover Which User Names Are Most Likely To Write Bad Reviews

Someone Used TripAdvisor To Discover Which User Names Are Most Likely To Write Bad Reviews


It’s a rite of passage to be irritated by highly popular tourist attractions. Sure, they’re usually impressive, but any historical clout can be swiftly undermined by the crowds, lines, smells, screaming children and/or astronomically high expectations. It’s easy to be disappointed by a visit – and people are 21 percent more likely to attest to that with a negative review than a positive one.

A new study from UK comparison site Uswitch wanted to find out which tourist attractions around the world were irking people the most, so they looked at data on TripAdvisor. Topping the list? The Eiffel Tower, mes amis.

Image: TripAdvisor

Interestingly, the Eiffel Tower is branded the worst by a long shot with over 19,000 bad reviews and 402 hours spent by users to write the complaints. The Colosseum came in second but isn’t even close to capturing how much people are hating on the Parisian landmark – by comparison, Rome’s ruins clocked a measly 1944 neg reviews and 44 hours spent bashing keyboards.

Big Ben in the UK and Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza followed in third and fourth most shitty attractions, with none other than Sydney’s Opera House making the highly coveted cut at position number seven.

While you can’t always trust negative reviews (and Harvard Business Review says online reviews are biased) it’s still good to read through a few to get a more complete picture of an experience. We noted that many of the Eiffel Tower’s recent negative reviews were around a lack of COVID safety measures, for example.

But Uswitch didn’t just figure out the global top 10 most complained about tourists attractions, they also found out the names of those users most happy to have a whinge, along with how many hours were spent being keyboard warriors.

So just who is most likely to be mouthing off online? The most popular female names are Kim, followed by, unsurprisingly, Karen and Susan and the most popular male names are Paul, David and your mate John.

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To get the above info, Uswitch gathered a list of the world’s biggest tourist attractions using their TripAdvisor pages, to filter for ‘poor’ and ‘terrible’ reviews. They then collected the names of the people who wrote these reviews for the first 50 pages, focusing on those who wrote their reviews in English.

In order to find out how much time was spent negatively reviewing the attractions they found out the average word count of the poor and terrible attraction reviews and divided this by the average number of words typed per minute.

Check out the full list here.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Chris Karidis)

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