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Remain Calm, But Those Nutella Biccies Have Been Spotted In Australia

Remain Calm, But Those Nutella Biccies Have Been Spotted In Australia

While I can’t say I’ve ever put Nutella on bread, I have 100 percent scooped that bad boi straight from the jar. I’ve also devoured it in the odd French crepe or 50. Frankly, the more ways one can eat Nutella, the better. So let’s all find joy in the fact that Nutella Biscuits have been spotted in Sydney.

Originally released last year but only in France, these shortbread and Nutella biccies seem to have made their way to our shores. We’re talking a shortbread outer layer and gooey Nutella insides. That’s a yes form me.

Redfern Convenience Store shared a photo of the products on their Instagram, stating “do you love Nutella ?!! At the Greatest Redfern Convenience Store always dreams come true”.


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The picture also featured ‘B-ready’ Nutella bar thing, with a wafer coating and Nutella on the inside. It kind of seems like that might be similar to the Kinder Wafers? Only one way to find out, and I’m willing to take one for the team.

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Now, before we get too excited about the ready availability or Nutella treats in Australia, or even in Sydney, you should know that I used to live on the same street as this convenience store and their junk food game was an A++. Seriously, if you need a sugar fix and you’re in the area, go and enjoy.

These biccies haven’t been spotted anywhere else (at least not that anyone has chosen to share) and Nutella themselves haven’t mentioned bringing this range out in Australia (idiots) so it’s not clear yet whether it’s a ‘thing’ or just a really good convenience store doing the most to make 2020 a little less shitty and a lot more full of sugary snacks.

Either way though: byeeee, going to Redfern.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @redfern_convenience_store)

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