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This Hidden Arcade Bar For Adults Has Retro Games, Slick Prizes And Boozy Bubble Tea

This Hidden Arcade Bar For Adults Has Retro Games, Slick Prizes And Boozy Bubble Tea

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Ask any adult and they’ll say that arcades were one of their top ten places to hang out as a kid. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and you don’t need that kind of drama in your life. Now adults can relive that fun at B. Lucky & Sons, a retro arcade bar for adults complete with booze and Nintendo.

The fun-loving team behind Holey Moley Golf Club and Archie Brothers Cirque Electric are bringing their latest and greatest bar to Moore Park’s Entertainment Quarter in Sydney. This time around it’s a vintage arcade bar for adults – one sec, planning the next AWOL team night there.


Let’s unpack: Like any good arcade, it’s got games – we’re talking Mario Kart in specially-built racing booths, Space Invaders on the big screen, a dance-off game just like Dance Dance Revolution and NBA Hoops.


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And just like any good bar, it’s got drinks. The Sydney menu hasn’t been announced just yet, but if we take a peek at the menu from the B. Lucky & Sons in Melbourne we can spy with our little eyes something called the Passion Crackle (vodka, passionfruit and peach tea with apple-flavoured pearls and jellies) and cocktails served in cans, so we can expect similar concoctions.

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And just like every bar should have, it’s got prizes! Like, really good prizes. Think vintage Chanel bags, rare vinyls, retro game consoles and movie collectibles.


As well as slinging fancy cocktails your way, the bar will serve up pizzas and bags of prawn crackers. There’ll even be non-alcoholic mocktails if you want to stay sober to increase your odds of beating your friends at the games. All’s fair in love and arcade games.

Check out some picks of the Brisbane B. Lucky and Sons below.

B. Lucky & Sons opens in Sydney on May 17. If you’re also feeling lucky, you can enter the competition to win one of ten double passes to the launch party.

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