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Melbourne Is Getting A Huge Inland Urban Surf Park

Melbourne Is Getting A Huge Inland Urban Surf Park

Living in Melbourne has its perks – it’s obviously got the culture, food and entertainment stuff down pat – but the one thing the city is missing is good beaches with waves, close to the CBD (something Sydney has all but perfected). If you’re up for a surf, but aren’t keen for a trek down the coast, your options have been pretty dry – until now, that is.

Say ‘cowabunga’ to Melbourne’s very own urban wave pool, UBRNsurf.


Located just 23 minutes from the CBD in Tullamarine, UBRNsurf is Australia’s very first surf park that uses Wavegarden technology. This technology creates long man-made waves in a closed off environment so you can hang ten ’til your heart’s content.

As Wavegarden put it, “testing and professional feedback show Wavegarden to be the closest thing to an ocean break.” They’ve all but promised consistently good, two-metre-high waves every time.

Check it out in action below.

Welcome to URBNSURF Melbourne from URBNSURF on Vimeo.

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So if you’re a surfer, a budding surfer, or someone who just enjoys getting dunked now and then – this’ll be for you. The park is set to open in late 2017.

(Images: Wavegarden)

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