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Wish You Were Here: Kinnon & Co Homestead Stables

Wish You Were Here: Kinnon & Co Homestead Stables

If someone told you to point to the middle of the state of Queensland, you’d probably end up somewhere close to Longreach. This Outback town is located in the dead centre of the Sunshine State, and epitomises everything that’s great about a small town. Here in Longreach, the town has a deep love of the Outback way of life, so you’re in for something pretty unique when you settle in at Kinnon & Co.


Visitors to Outback Queensland looking for something a little out-of-the-box are invited to try their hand at the new Homestead Stables, operated by family-run business Kinnon & Co.


These cosy digs were inspired by the stables and the stable-boys’ quarters on a traditional Outback station. There’s a heritage feel to it all and a few nostalgic touches that make it all seem pretty convincing. Of course, Kinnon & Co haven’t skimped on luxury either – there’s comfy bedding for three (a queen and single bed), an ensuite bathroom, air-con, a TV and a little kitchenette.


But the pièce de résistance has to be what’s out back: guests will share an incredible outdoor bath terrace, which includes this backyard bathtub. Ooh la la.


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Perfect for a little cool-off after a long hot day, we reckon. Prices for the Homestead Stables at Kinnon & Co start at $180 a night.

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