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Everyone In NZ Rushed To Maccas The Day The Coronavirus Lockdown Lifted

Everyone In NZ Rushed To Maccas The Day The Coronavirus Lockdown Lifted

New Zealand Lifted The Lockdown & Everyone Rushed To McDonalds

After spending a month in lockdown, New Zealand began slowly easing restrictions earlier this week.

Under the previous level four restrictions, people could only leave the house to access or provide essential services, and only essential businesses remained open. That meant all cafes, bottle shops and restaurants closed, including all takeaway services and even Uber Eats. Yep, an entire month with no fast food or takeaway.

So it’s no surprise, then, that the first thing a lot of people did when the lockdown lifted was go to Maccas.

While plenty of people visited their local cafes on the day, Twitter went off with people revelling in the glory of their first Maccas run in weeks.

Who amongst us hasn’t felt, deep down in their soul, that they need a bacon and egg McMuffin? Let he who has never coveted a 24-pack of nuggets cast the first stone.

Here are the best tweets about New Zealand lifting its coronavirus lockdown:











Of course, the country is still enforcing strict social distancing during the new level 3 restrictions. People still need to limit their social interactions and stay at home as much as possible. But those socially distant Maccas runs must be nice.

(Lead image: a befendo / Unsplash)

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