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Amsterdam Is Home To Europe’s First Dedicated Hotel For Gamers

Amsterdam Is Home To Europe’s First Dedicated Hotel For Gamers

The Arcade Hotel, Amsterdam

Whether it’s PONG, Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog or Mario and Luigi – everyone’s got a favourite video game.

Sure, they’ve gotten more creative and high-tech in recent years, but there’s really nothing like going back to your roots and partaking in an hour or two of smashing shells and ducking down plumbing tubes to really up the nostalgia factor.

The Arcade Hotel, Amsterdam


The owners of Amsterdam’s Arcade Hotel agree, which is why they created Europe’s first dedicated hotel for gamers.


The Arcade Hotel is located in Amsterdam’s hip De Pijp area, and aims to be the go-to spot to chill for gamers travelling to the Dutch capital. As well as your usual comfy hotel amenities, all rooms also feature a retro console with a selection of games at no extra cost.


If you prefer your gaming with friends, there’s arcade games and consoles in the lobby bar for multiplayer games with fellow hotel guests.


Originally opening back in January 2016, the owners of the Arcade Hotel have since revamped the space, with the new-look gaming hotel re-opening in May of 2017. With a redesigned lobby, bar and restaurant, the Arcade Hotel has since expanded to include 43 rooms.


Probably the coolest part of the renovations is the news that the Arcade Hotel now features Virtual Reality headsets as well as the latest in computer consoles and gaming PCs. That’s on top of the already-extensive collection of Ataris, Nintendos, Gameboys, Playstations, Game Cubes, Super Nintendos, Nintendo 64s and Xboxes.

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Need more? In the lobby, there’s also a comic book library, with some classic DC and Dark Horse comics to enjoy.


Rooms will start at €125 ($175AUD) per night, and include bicycle hire – for those that actually want to leave their rooms – because it is Amsterdam, after all.

(All images: The Arcade Hotel / Facebook)

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