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There’s An Astrology Hotel In Sydney That’ll Curate Your Stay Based On Your Star Sign

There’s An Astrology Hotel In Sydney That’ll Curate Your Stay Based On Your Star Sign

Finally, a hotel with something for everyone – except those sceptical Sagittarius folk who probably don’t even believe in star signs (ugh).

In a world first, a hotel has opened in Sydney that’s dedicated to astrology — the study of the movements of celestial objects and how they relate to human affairs and events on earth. Or, as some of us like to call it, “the truth”.

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Recently refurbished, The Ultimo can be found right in the heart of Haymarket, and it’s been curated with the help of leading astrologer Damian Rocks, the founder of Stars Like You.

Rocks has lent his astrological know-how to the hotel, helping to personalise city guides to Sydney for guests based on their sign, including ‘Gastrology’ (places to eat and drink) and ‘Experiology’ (things to see and do) suggestions.

The Ultimo Virgo
Typical Virgos, amirite?

For example, energetic Geminis are advised to belt out some tunes at Dynasty Karaoke, right next door to The Ultimo, while curious and creative Aquarians are advised to step back in time with a visit to Golden Age Cinema to catch a film. ‘

Baby, what’s your sign?

It’s not just the city guides that look to the stars; the hotel also has Zodiac-inspired door signs, daily horoscopes with their newspapers, slippers with sign-based designs, Astrolo-tea, an astrology library in the lobby and monthly horoscopes on its website.

There are even astrology packages available which include things like personal star chart readings, moon calendars, and a one-hour face-to-face astrology reading with Damian Rocks.

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Fortune cookie with your morning coffee?

The hotel also has a bunch of other non-zodiac related bonuses: free Wi-Fi, late 11am check out, animal-friendly rooms, a coffee station with a barista, and a primo location in the middle of Sydney’s Chinatown district.

ultimo - king

The Ultimo has 95 rooms across seven categories, and prices range from $139 to $329 per night. It truly is the home to the stars.

(Lead Image: The Ultimo)

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