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7 Of The Best Moments From Around The World On ‘The Amazing Race’

7 Of The Best Moments From Around The World On ‘The Amazing Race’

The Amazing Race: 7 Of The Best Moments From The Show

The Amazing Race has been to a lot of countries, with teams literally racing each other around the world to be the first to cross the finish line.

The premise of the show is simple: teams of two race around the world solving clues, taking on challenges and navigating foreign countries to win the grand prize, aka an absurd amount of cold, hard cash.


Between the original US version of the show and the Australian spinoff, there have been 34 seasons of The Amazing Race, almost 400 episodes, and lots of stories about travellers doing whatever it takes to win the grand prize on national television.

With a brand-new Australian season having just started, we thought it was the perfect time to go deep down the rabbit hole of our favourite globetrotting reality TV show. And oh boy, have some ridiculous things happened in this series.

Here are 7 of the best moments from The Amazing Race:

#1 When cheese wheels got the better of everyone

If there’s anything funnier than watching people fall over, it’s watching people fall over in a pile of comically large cheese wheels. For this challenge, contestants travelled to Switzerland and had to carry wheels of Swiss cheese down a steep hill.

Most of them fell over under the weight, or lost their grip on the 22kg cheese wheels and sadly watched them roll down the hill.

It was utter carnage, and comedy gold.

#2 When a cursed slingshot yeeted a watermelon into Claire’s face

You know what moment I’m talking about. In London, Claire was challenged to hit an empty suit of armour with a watermelon fired out of a slingshot. Weird, but okay. But somehow the slingshot twisted around itself and shot the entire watermelon back at her — and it hit her right in the kisser.


She was totally fine, walking away with just a numb face and a bit of a headache, and even finished the challenge after the medical staff gave her the all clear. What a champion.

That slingshot still gives off major cursed energy.

#3 When John and Jessica let themselves into a stranger’s house

This couple accidentally walked into a stranger’s house in Bali and told him they’d like to make a traditional fruit offering. And the poor man who lived there, faced with a camera crew and people speaking a language he didn’t understand, just kind of… smiled and let them.


Sweet baby bird John saying “It’s the essence of what we’re doing” as he places a red and white striped mint on the top of the offering is just *kissy fingers* perfect.

#4 When Andrew and Dan tried and failed, and tried again to march in a straight line

For this challenge, contestants travelled to Russia and had to complete the Boots or Borscht challenges. Andrew and Dan choose Boots and had to march in an army drill team and, my god…

The Amazing Race: 7 Of The Best Moments From The Show

Dan looks like when your mum has just mopped the floor and you need to walk back to your room without touching the wet spots.


#5 When Canaan proved that men are trash

Mika and Canaan had only been dating for a short amount of time when they went on The Amazing Race. That seems like a terrible idea, but go off.

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For one of their challenges, they had to go down a waterslide in Dubai, which ended up being Mika’s worst nightmare. Her boyfriend’s first response was to simply push her down the slide as she screamed about not wanting to do it. His second response was to blow up the adorable pink floaties she was wearing. Always come prepared.

The next time I hear “Not all men” I’m going to pull up this video.


#6 When ducks went all yee haw

In Vietnam, contestants had to shepherd a flock of 150 ducks through an obstacle course, and these ducks were making the most of their 15 minutes of fame. They had Team Yellow running around for 10 minutes trying to complete the challenge. Look at this cute little rogue:

The Amazing Race: 7 Of The Best Moments From The Show

Can I get a yee?


#7 When everyone rolled down the hill with cheese again

The cheese wheel debacle proved to be so popular that the show forced contestants to do it again in a later season. This time, they were in Switzerland during winter, and had to move cheese wheels down a hill on snow sleds.

There’s not much more to say about this bit, except how truly wonderful it is to hear someone cry “My cheese!” as they slide helplessly down a snowy mountain.


Check out our wrap up of the best reactions to the premiere of Amazing Race Australia, and tune in each Monday and Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10 or on 10 play.

(Lead image: Robert Voets / CBS / Landov)

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