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The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Vindictive ‘Amazing Race Australia’

The Best Tweets From Last Night’s Vindictive ‘Amazing Race Australia’

The Influencers, Sid and Ash in The Amazing Race Australia

We’re back and hooo boy, last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia was equal parts satisfying and soul-crushing.

The teams raced from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe — one of the seven wonders of the world — to the Mukuni Village in Zambia, where the Deadly Duo, Jasmin and Jerome shut down the Influencer’s invitation to team up. Sid was furious that they turned his offer down, but we loved to see it tbh.

The teams weren’t allowed to run to the finish line because it would spook the nearby elephants, so the final race to the Pit Stop had big Kath & Kim vibes.

Coming up to the Pit Stop, the Deadly Duo and the Influencers were in last place and the race was on to avoid being eliminated. It was tense as hell and Twitter had a lot to say.

Last night’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia retold in funny tweets:

First up, some of the teams are still navigationally challenged, which is mildly concerning at best for a show where the main premise is to navigate around the world.

Jasmin and Jerome are quickly becoming our favourite team thanks to their treatment of the Influencers and because they’re just so damn lovely.

It looked like the Influencers were finally going to be eliminated, and we couldn’t wait to see the cheaters leave the show.

But at the last second, we discovered it was a non-elimination round, and viewers were ropeable.

We can all agree that the real MVPs of the episode were the elephants.

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