A Loving Look Back At Kath & Kel’s Airport Honeymoon In ‘Kath & Kim’

Australian culture doesn’t exist? Try again, sweaty, Kath & Kim is peak Australian culture.


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There are countless nice, different, unusual and hysterical moments from the show, but only few stack up to the time Kath and Kel spent their honeymoon at Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport.


Crack open the Tia Maria and put on some footy franks, because we’re lovingly looking back on one of the show’s most iconic episodes.

Kyabram, Kimmy!

Kath had her vanity, day bag, night bag and bum bag all packed ready to head north on a Daintree river cruise which “includes coffee-and-tea-slash-biscuits,” she’ll have you know. But their travel plans were cut short after Kel realised he wouldn’t get a decent enough tax return because of GST.

Bloody Howard.

Kimmy — not as dumb as she looks — came to the rescue. “Remember when I had to run up your credit card bill to get you enough flybuys points to get you a free mystery flight? It’s come through!”

Just like that, Kath and Kel were off to the Kyabram, just 200km north of Melbourne. Or, so they thought.

Oh You’re Jokin’ –  All Domestic Flights Grounded

Arriving at the airport only to discover all flights have been grounded is a traveller’s worst nightmare. Unless of course if you’re Kath Day-Knight and spot an Australian Geographic store, a Sanity stocked with new-release DVDs, or some on-sale sponge bags.


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She’s so there.

The Fashions, Doll

From shoulder pads and parrot earrings to Collette Dinnigan knickerbockers and horse hair switches, the fashions in Kath & Kim were never anything less than fab. But, when it came to coordinating looks, Kath and Kel were all over it like Kimmy on some cheese singles. The pair’s airport getup was no exception to the rule.

Image: Kath & Kim

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

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“Sorry sir, we don’t accept Video Ezy cards”

Walk with confidence and you can get into almost anywhere, unless maybe if you’re trying to enter a business class lounge with your foxy wife wearing coordinating, matching tracksuits, wielding a Video Ezy card. And, if at first you don’t succeed, just make a run for it when nobody’s looking, right?

Kath and Kel in the business class lounge is literally every single one of us, when our parents took us to the Pizza Hut all-you-can-eat buffet as a kid. Where’s the lie?

Stocked up on a selection of cold meats and pinot grigio, and innocently turning their faces away to rummage through their bags when concerned about being busted? Honestly, goals.

Who Needs A Hotel When You’ve Got A Boomerang Pillow?

Image: Kath & Kim

Anyone who’s ever tried to sleep in an airport terminal will know, that shit’s not easy. But, you know, a day of flicking through Sanity CDs and riding escalators is tiring work.

The Perfect Holiday

The reason we still love this show to this very day is because of just how bloody wholesome it is.

Not a few hours since they’ve gotten home, Kel has his disposable camera pics developed — “that’s Kath on the escalators…” — and they’re just proud as punch.

It’s all pretty much summed up when Kath says to Kim, “what a nong I was to think I had to get on a plane to have a holiday!”

Kath & Kim is a piece of Australian art, and will go down as one of the greatest things this country has ever produced. Prove me wrong.

(Lead image: Kath & Kim)

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