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Alcohol-Free Gin Is Popping Up In The Melbourne Bar Scene

Alcohol-Free Gin Is Popping Up In The Melbourne Bar Scene


Do you love a cheeky G&T but aren’t too keen on enduring the three-day hangover that’s sure to follow when you overindulge? What if we told you that there is gin, but with zero alcohol content, hitting Melbourne bars?

Mind. Blown.


So look, it’s not exactly a new concept. Back in 2015, Seedlip released the first non-alcoholic distilled spirit, and you should find it available in all good cocktail bars – but Seedlip is nothing like gin. And Melbourne’s Brunswick Aces is distilling non-alcoholic botanicals made entirely of native Australian ingredients, providing a very gin-like alternative.

The drink has been expertly designed with flavour in mind, allowing for fancy – and most importantly, tasty – gin and tonic creations that are somewhat healthy and free of alcohol, calories, sugars and allergens.

Right now there are two kinds available. The Spades, which is jam-packed with flavours of lime, grapefruit and cardamom. And the Hearts blend, with wattle seed, star anise and juniper.

At the minute the drink is only on shelves in Victoria, or available to purchase online for Australians. But plans to branch out to other parts of Australia and the world are very much on the cards.

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Want to try some for yourself? Better get bar-hopping in Melbs, or check out Brunswick Aces’ online store and place an order.

See you in Melbs!

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(Lead image: Brunswick Aces / Facebook) 

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