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According To Expats, These Are The Best & Worst Places To Work Overseas

According To Expats, These Are The Best & Worst Places To Work Overseas

Over one million Australians are currently living and working overseas, which averages out to around one in 20 people. With so many of us packing up and jumping ship, it’s worth knowing the best and worst places to work overseas in 2016.

The Expat Insider 2016 index by InterNations, surveyed 14,000 respondents representing 174 nationalities to figure out where the best places are for working migrants to live based on a range of questions pertaining to their job and careers, work/life balance and job security.

Luxembourg took out the top spot for migrants working abroad, placing highly in all categories. Unsurprisingly, Germany and its rent-controlled living and huge creative culture placed high in the study as did Taiwan, China – which also scored exceptionally well on the friendliness scale.  Fourth place went to our neighbours across the ditch, New Zealand.

While Australia didn’t rank so well in friendliness in this same collection of data, it just scraped into the top ten destinations for people working abroad.

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Some countries that scored poorly in the survey were some of the most popular places that Australians migrate to, like the UK, the US and Greece (which placed last due to its lack of job opportunities). Italy, Brazil, Egypt and Portugal also received low rankings – which, funnily enough, are some of our favourite holiday destinations.

Read the full report from InterNations here.

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