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A Wollongong Music Festival Is Renting Out Cardboard Tents

A Wollongong Music Festival Is Renting Out Cardboard Tents

This September, Wollongong will host the annual Yours and Owls Festival once more. And while the biggest drawcards on the bill include artists like At The Drive In, The Presets, Illy and The Preatures, another unique aspect is turning heads: KarTent biodegradable tents.

KarTent tents are totally recyclable, environmentally-friendly tents made from cardboard – yes, cardboard. What’s more, they’re pre-pitched, meaning you don’t need to bring a tent with you, or set it up (or pull it down) yourself. So not only is it perfect for those who care about looking after the environment, but it makes the camping festival experience infinitely easier.


While cardboard may seem like an unusual material for a tent, it’s more than just environmentally friendly; the lightweight tent also keeps away the glaring morning sun and heat that often makes tents unbearable in the morning. And if you’re worried about cardboard not holding up in the rain, fear not: the KarTent can absorb water up to 400 per cent of its own weight.


The award-winning Dutch company behind the tents has already seen the KarTent used at dozens of festivals around Europe. Yours and Owls marks its first foray into Australia – but we’re assuming it won’t be the last.

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Yours and Owls festival takes place on September 30 and October 1 at Stuart Park in Wollongong. Tickets and more information can be found here.

(All images: KarTent)

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