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A US Company Has Just Invented Wine-Flavoured Lollipops

A US Company Has Just Invented Wine-Flavoured Lollipops

Step aside, frosé and wine gummy bears, a new sweet treat for wine-lovers is here to stay.

Meet Lollyphile, your new favourite candy company. Based in Austin, Texas, Lollyphile have developed a range of wine-flavoured lollipops, and boy oh boy, are we excited to try these out.

Chardonnay wine lollipop
Photo: @Doingitforthefood/Instagram

While many wine-related treats are simply split between a general ‘red’ and ‘white’, Lollyphile are taking things more seriously, focusing on merlot and cabernet sauvignon for the red wine lovers, and chardonnay for those who prefer white wine.

Got a sweet tooth in the morning? The mimosa-flavoured lollipop might be perfect for you.

wine mimosa
Photo: @Lollyphile/Instagram

If wine isn’t your thing, Lollyphile make plenty of other alcohol-flavoured lollipops, including absinthe, Negroni, Irish coffee, bourbon, tequila, and various types of beer.

Now for the bad news: the lollipops are actually alcohol-free. However, this means you’ll be able to enjoy the flavour at work, while driving, or, y’know, any other time when you shouldn’t be drinking. They’re even gluten free and vegan, making them perfect for many dietary requirements.

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The lollipops will set you back just $8USD for four. And the best part? They ship to Australia.

(Lead image: Lollyphile)

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