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A Rope Bridge Is Being Suspended Above This Huge Shark Tank

A Rope Bridge Is Being Suspended Above This Huge Shark Tank

Shark tunnels? Not terrifying enough. At least, that’s what the thrill-masters at Kentucky’s Newport Aquarium seem to think, having just announced a number of alarming new additions to their Surrounded By Sharks exhibit, including a 30 metre rope bridge, the first of its kind in North America, that will allow brave aquarium-goers to walk just inches above a gigantic tank teeming with sharks and stingrays.

(Photo: Pen Waggener/Flickr)

Newport Aquarium’s shark tank already features an underwater tunnel that allows guests to view six species of shark – sand tiger, zebra, sandbar, blacktip, whitetip and nurse sharks – along with rare shark rays, stingrays, and less-menacing fish. Along with the V-shaped rope bridge suspended over the 1,500,000 litre tank, the Aquarium plans to add several specimens of the scalloped hammerhead shark – an extremely rare, endangered species that is native to Hawaii and can grow up to 4.5 meters in length…in other words, possibly big enough to swallow a person whole.

(Photo: Barry Peters/Flickr)

The renovated exhibit will open in mid-April and while it’s probably nothing to worry about, we sure hope they take their sweet time making sure that rope bridge is sturdy.

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