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A Nutella Food Truck Is Headed To Australia’s East Coast

A Nutella Food Truck Is Headed To Australia’s East Coast

This is not a drill – a Nutella food truck is coming to Sydney and Melbourne because life is just so great sometimes.

OK, you clicked the link so you’ve obviously a Nutella fanatic – we’ll get straight to the point. Nutella have announced their first ever Nutella Road Trip where they will be serving FREE Nutella-themed foods along Australia’s East Coast.

Can. Not. Wait.

The Nutella food truck will be serving up a whole heap of Nutella breakfast dishes, including Nutella Crepes topped with berries, toasted coconut and bacon, and a mandarin dipped in Nutella served with fresh roasted hazelnuts. Ooh la la.

Oh and we might just reiterate – all these dishes will be free of charge. The company have even decked out a giant food truck to look like a toaster, complete with a giant slice of bread popping out the top.

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Photo: Nutella/Facebook

The Nutella food truck kicks off its two-week stint at Sydney’s Wynyard Park on Wednesday June 15. It’ll then spend a week in NSW stoping over at Parramatta, Parramatta, Goulburn, Wagga Wagga and Albury. It’ll then travel across the Victorian border towards Bendigo and Ballarat, before spending June 25 to 27 in Melbourne. The truck will then complete its journey in Geelong on June 28.

Check out the full Nutella food truck itinerary here. Reminder: there’s absolutely no shame in following this truck all the way down the coast – it’s imperative to your health love of Nutella that you do.

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