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A Japanese Store Is Now Selling Ice Cream Cones Covered In Real Gold

A Japanese Store Is Now Selling Ice Cream Cones Covered In Real Gold

We’ve seen our fare share of quirky foods here at AWOLover-the-top burgers, drive-through cheese toastie shops and pizza boxes made of pizza, just to name a few – but this one just might take the cake.

A Japanese company have introduced gold-covered ice cream and everyone is, understandably, going nuts.

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Photo: left; Milkcow/Facebook, right; choco_mousse/Instagram

So you may remember a little while back a New York City bakery created a a 24-karat gold doughnut which was bathed in Cristal and sold for a cool $100 a pop. Thankfully, this new golden treat is a lot more affordable – it’s actually edible gold leaf.

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Photo: maskatei/Instagram

Gold leaf is real life gold that’s been hammered into thin sheets in a process called goldbeating. This particular gold leaf is created by Hakuichi (one of the largest producers of gold leaf in Japan) and is sold at their Kanazawa store alongside a number of gold-leaf inspired beauty products and materials. The soft serve ice cream is dusted with gold sprinkles and then covered in edible golf leaf to give it that five-star makeover.

Lucky for us this pretty cone won’t hurt the bank either – they’re 1,000 yen each, which is about $12AUD. The trend is so popular it’s now been adapted by Malaysian restaurant Milkcow.

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Photo: Milkcow/Facebook

This blows your precious hundreds and thousands right out of the water, hey?

(h/t Lonely Planet, lead image: left; piyurin/Instagram, right; maskatei/Instagram)

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