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500 Cats Roam Free At This Amazing Cat Sanctuary

500 Cats Roam Free At This Amazing Cat Sanctuary

If it’s ever been your dream to grow old and be surrounded by hundreds of cats, there’s an island in Hawaii where you can do just that.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a paradise for cat lovers. Home to almost 500 friendly felines, the sanctuary provides a home for wild cats found on the small island of Lanai, just off the coast of Maui.


The cats (or Hawaiian Lions as the staff like to call them) spend their days roaming the sanctuary’s two-acre space, which is filled with patches of grass, lots of shade and a few large huts for the cats to stake their claim over.



The park is visited by feline fans every day, which the cats apparently love.


Each cat at the sanctuary is up for adoption, with the staff running an adopt-in-place program that lets out-of-towners sponsor Hawaiian Lions too.

Oh, and did I mention there are kittens too?

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Open hours for guests is from 10am to 3pm with visitors encouraged to make a donation to the sanctuary on entry. Donations go toward the sanctuary’s operating costs and the cats’ medical care.


Kitty paradise.

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