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5 Packing Tips That’ll Make Your Next Summer Vacay A Breeze

5 Packing Tips That’ll Make Your Next Summer Vacay A Breeze

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This article is written by guest contributors Katrina Van De Ven and Catherine Olivier, Co-Founders of LeukBook

We recommend a number of products throughout this article. Unless clearly stated, they’re not from LeukBook, nor do we receive any benefit if you choose to purchase them. We’re just passionate about shopping and love to share our favourite finds!

The mercury is rising, school is finishing up for the year, and the obnoxious (but slightly endearing and nostalgic) medley of Christmas carols are blaring through a shopping centre near you. This can only mean one thing: the summer holidays are fast approaching!

Prepare for your upcoming trips with these 5 packing tips to take the stress out of your next summer holiday. We’ve learnt the hard way that failing to plan what you’ll take on your getaway can result in an overstuffed suitcase, hot or uncomfortable clothing or worse – the dreaded thigh chafe, made all the worse by sand and salt water (ladies, you know what we’re talking about)!

Here are our top essentials to make your holiday a breeze:

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1. Pack Your Bags!

Like getting a trolley with a dodgy wheel at the supermarket, there’s nothing worse than a clunky, heavy or hard to manoeuvre suitcase. Enter Australian brand July – these cult-favourite suitcases are made from aerospace-grade polycarbonate and are built to last. Added bonus: they come in a range of bright colours and personalisation options so you won’t lose it on the baggage carousel.

With Summer comes the need for a wide brim chapeau – but how many straw hats must we crush in our suitcase or leave behind on the plane before we throw in the proverbial towel? For our money, we’re loving the Klipsta – an innovative invention that securely attaches your hat to your bag.

2. Be Ready To Explore In Functional Footwear

How many pairs of shoes should one take on holiday? In an ideal world, the limit would not exist. But as long as we’re lugging our own suitcases and beholden to airline baggage limits, it’s time to be practical. Our holy trinity? A pair of stylish kicks, like these from Springcourt, , some sturdy yet stylish avarca sandals from Petit Barcelona to take you from shopping to dinner then drinks – where you can brag that they were handmade in Menorca, and a pair of waterproof slides, like these from Birkenstock.

3. Dress For The Season In Lightweight Cotton and Linen

A mixture of lightweight pieces that you can mix and match are the perfect way to set the tone for relaxation. Fortunately, this is where Australian designers shine! Our picks include White Amber and Isle of Summer, both available on LeukBook (yes, that’s a cheeky plug – sorry, not sorry!), Bohemian Traders, and Daughters of India.

Our pro tip: pick a hero colour or a bold print, then match back with coordinating colours. For this summer? We’ll be rocking bright orange and ocean blue respectively, paired back with white, cream and navy.

4. Recline In Style Poolside With Chic Swim And Resort Wear

Three women laughing together by the ocean

Nothing makes us feel more relaxed than endless days spent by the hotel pool, devouring books and tasty snacks. And how incredible to feel like you’ve just wandered off a movie set in Capri, complete with big sunglasses, an even bigger hat, and a swishing, silken kimono?

To achieve these *vibes* consider your poolside attire as an extension of your holiday wardrobe, rather than simply dusting off that single swimsuit with the slightly crusty elastic (you know the one!) and consider splurging on a few different styles and colours. We’re currently lusting over BAIIA, Saint Somebody and Beyond the Sea (the latter available on LeukBook – last plug, we promise).

For resort wear, look to the brands listed above, in addition to Czarina and PS Frocks for a stunning array of flowing dresses and kimonos that are hardy enough to withstand chlorine, salt water and sunscreen..

5. Don’t Sweat It!

We know it’s not the most glamorous of topics, but sweat happens – and it has the potential to make for an uncomfortable time. As two ‘shimmery’ women, a holiday essential is a high-SPF spray on sunscreen that blends so much better than a cream, particularly if there’s also sand involved. Bonus points: you can spritz it over the top of your makeup. Check out this offering from La Roche Posay.

If you like to keep your makeup game up on holidays, also look to invest in a setting spray – we still rate the OG, Urban Decay to keep you fresh during balmy nights spent sipping cocktails. Finally, if you’re planning for an active holiday, get ahead of any sore, red, chafed skin with a quality anti-friction balm, like Megababe.

Happy holidays! May the sun be shining, the pool refreshing, and your drinks strong!

Imagery Credit: All imagery in this article is courtesy of LeukBook.

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