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You’ve Gotta See The Winners Of The 2015 Urban Photography Awards

You’ve Gotta See The Winners Of The 2015 Urban Photography Awards

Now in its ninth year, the 2015 Urban Photographer Of The Year Awards celebrate the diversity of urban life across the globe. This year’s competition attracted more than 21,000 entries from over 110 countries worldwide with the winners selected from multiple categories – regional winners (from America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa), youth winners, a mobile winner, an overall winner, and hourly winners (24 different photos that represent an hour of each day).

When we think of travel photography, we normally associate it with vast landscape shots – entries from both the National Geographic Travel Photo Contest and the Sony World Photography Awards are littered with them – so it’s a nice change to see a photography contest that focusses on the cities and the people who inhabit them.

The entries showcase the complex contrast seen in a variety of urban living areas across the world, from the sprawling skyscrapers of New York City to the cramped poultry markets of central Asia. Check out some of the winners below.

Overall winner


An intimate portrait Xyclops of a glasses repairman in Qatar captured by Oscar Rialubin. ‘

Asia Pacific Winner


A bird’s eye view of Poultry Prepared For Market, captured by Peter Graney in Cambodia.

Mobile Winner


Coco Liu caught this American blizzard on her phone, subsequently rewarding her with the Mobile Winner Award at the UPOTY 2015.

3AM Winner


A rower waits for tourists at 3 o’clock in the morning in India, captured by Grzegorz Piaskowski.

4PM Winner


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Ankit Narang ventured to India to capture this woman In Between Work at 4pm.

5PM Winner


A group of businessmen pack into a train carriage in Mario Pereda Berga’s shot from Tokyo.

12AM Winner


A midnight standoff in Brazil was captured by Pedro Guimaraes Lins Machado.

For the full list of winners and runners up for UPOTY 2015, head here.

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