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You’ve Gotta Eat This: Crêpes Flambées

You’ve Gotta Eat This: Crêpes Flambées

What is it? Crêpes…and alcohol…set on fire. Do you need any more convincing?

(Photo:Ewan Roberts/Flickr)

Where can you get it? Crêperies all around France – it’s a staple. If you’re in Paris, we humbly recommend Crêperie Broceliande, right near the Sacré Coeur, or Breizh Café which isn’t too far from the Louvre or Notre Dame. Both make deliciously authentic crêpes like the traditional ones from the north-west Bretagne region of France.

What’s in it? Technically crêpe flambée refers to any thin French pancake that’s been set on fire. The most common and original type of flambée is the Crêpe Suzette, which is a crêpe covered in caramelised sugar, butter and orange or tangerine syrup, then doused in alcohol – usually Grand Marnier – and set alight. They’ll probably serve it with a dollop of cream or ice-cream because they’re French and they can eat unlimited carbs and still be the most très très chic people on the planet.


Is it good for you? Nope! But that’s the fun of it – it’s so lavish and indulgent you just have to roll with it. It’s flour/egg/butter/sugar/more butter/more sugar/syrup/alcohol/fire. Hardly #cleaneating.

How much does it cost? They’re in the pricier end of crêpes because you quite literally are pouring alcohol over them, but still they aren’t steep – even Paris prices shouldn’t set you back more than about €10, or $15AUD.

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