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You Need To See Noma Australia’s Amazing Menu

You Need To See Noma Australia’s Amazing Menu

It’s finally here! Noma Australia has officially landed and it’s already causing a stir.

When it was announced that the Danish fine dining restaurant Noma would be heading to Sydney for a ten week stint over summer, Aussie foodies were almost audibly over the moon. It’s highly ranked on every foodie’s bucket list and it’s been named Restaurant Magazine‘s best restaurant in the world four times over. There’s no subtle way to put this, but Noma‘s a pretty big deal in the food word.

When Noma announced they would be completely ditching their native Copenhagen menu for local ingredients and inspiration, we were certainly intrigued. What would head chef Rene Redzepi and his 60+ staff bring to the table Down Under? Well wonder no more – Noma Australia opened their doors to a willing public yesterday and we have the inside goss on what’s being served. One thing’s for sure: your basic Aussie palate will never be the same.

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First up we have a seafood platter. Of course, this particular seafood platter isn’t overrun by prawns and overcooked mussels, no, no. Here we have Chef Redzepi’s take on this Aussie staple, with raw shellfish seasoned with bush tomato vinaigrette and crunchy layers of chicken skin and crocodile fat.

This artful creation is a selection of wild savoury berries served with a seaweed broth and Kakadu plum dust.Redzepi and his team are known for their foraging and there’s no doubt that over the past three months his team have been setting up shop here in Australia they’ve been exploring near and far for the best our untamed backyard has to offer.

When AWOL sat down with the sous chef of Noma’s research and development kitchen, Australian Beau Clugston, about the restaurant’s upcoming trip Down Under, Beau credited Sydney’s vast landscape and its ingredients that led it to become Noma’s next pop up destination. Finding a great deal of inspiration from their new sea-side home at Barangaroo in Sydney Harbour, this 12-course meal will include anything from abalone schnitzel, scallop pie with lantana flowers and an aerated rum cake with dried milk and native tamarind – a.k.a. your humble lamington on steroids.

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Of course, opening on Australia Day means catering to the #strayan way of life. What better way then concocting a delicious creamy ice cream to cool you off on a scorcher of a day? Well kind of. This dessert includes frozen unroasted peanut milk, a rich caramel centre, and – no, not chocolate – freeka glaze. All served on a lemon myrtle twig.

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While a “barbie” is synonymous with an Aussie summer, this BBQ dish takes things to the unique end of the spectrum. Barbecued milk ‘dumpling’ with a marron shell and magpie goose mince.

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We want in. Sadly, Noma’s ten week stint in Sydney is completely sold out – there is a waiting list on Noma’s website, however. Noma Australia’s pop-up is located at 23 Barangaroo Avenue, Barangaroo, Sydney. Selfies in front of the building are just as good as a 12-course meal, right?

(h/t Good Food, lead image: left; @nomacph/Instagram, right; janous/Instagram)

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