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What Your Spirit City Says About You

What Your Spirit City Says About You

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Y’all familiar with the notion of the spirit animal; well, similarly, everyone has a spirit city. A spirit city is a city you identify or resonate with – a faraway metropolis that’s captured your soul, a place you can always bring into conversation no matter the topic. Here, we summarise what your spirit city says about you.


Berlin, Germany


You’re an anarchist at heart and you don’t trust anyone in a suit, or in department store threads, for that matter. You’ve dabbled in the street art scene, only listen to artists on indie labels and list dumpster diving as a favourite pastime.

Paris, France


Ooh la la, well aren’t you the romantic? You’re a neurotic daydreamer who sometimes finds it hard to face reality. All you want in life is to love and be loved in return – although, there’s a thin line between love and stalking.

Reykjavik, Iceland


You believe in unicorns and like to spend your free time chasing rainbows underneath waterfalls dressed in animal onesies. However, your ultimate fashion moment was dressing up in Björk’s swan dress for Halloween last year.

Budapest, Hungary


You have a split personality and change according to your surroundings and the people around you – a chameleon if you will. You’re forever getting different results when you do Myer Briggs tests and Buzzfeed quizzes.

Tokyo, Japan


You’re a cosplay fanatic and you’ve died your hair every colour of the rainbow. Your ultimate heroine is Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon puh-lease). You may scare some people with your outward outrageousness but you’re actually just a sensitive, little nyan cat deep down inside. Meow.

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London, England


You’ve either done the typical two-year stint in the motherland or have a penchant for theatre and Earl Grey tea. You possess a sardonic sense of humour and have Britpop on repeat. Although you think you’re a bit of a rebel, you’re actually more Kate Middleton than Kate Moss.

Bali, Indonesia


You’re from Perth.

Yet to discover your own spirit city? Travel the world to find out.

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