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You Can Volunteer To Take Shelter Dogs Hiking In Hawaii

You Can Volunteer To Take Shelter Dogs Hiking In Hawaii

Hawaii is known as the place to go for great surf, relaxing beach times and amazing seafood. Now, things have gotten even more paw-some.

Dog lovers take note – you can volunteer to take dogs from the Kauai Humane shelter on excursions and field trips in Hawaii. Simply drop by the shelter and “check out” one of the friendly pups for a day trip to one of the island’s many dog-friendly beaches or hiking trails.


Upon arrival, you’ll be introduced to the available puppies. Once you’ve found your perfect match, the shelter will dress the dog for the day in an adorable (and heart wrenching) “adopt me” vest.

The main goal of the program, according to its organisers, is for you to enjoy the natural beauty of the island while getting your “dog fix”, and to make said dog super stoked to be out and about for the day. The dogs stay happy, healthy, and well-adjusted thanks to this time spent outdoors, and you have fun helping them socialise with people prior to their adoption.

Rest assured, it’s also okay to fall in love with your rent-a-pooch. On average, four dogs a month find forever homes because of the program. Naw.

(Lead image: Kauai Humane)

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