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You Can Tour A South African Rainforest Completely Via Zipline

You Can Tour A South African Rainforest Completely Via Zipline

A five hour drive from Johannesburg, the Karkloof Canopy Tour gives you an incredible view of the stunning Karkloof valley and mist forest while you’re TRAVERSING 30 METRES ABOVE IT ON A STEEL CABLE ZIPLINE. For real.

The adventurous nature lover can zig-zag and zip from platform to platform, taking eight long swooping slides in total – the longest measuring in at 180 metres. One of the stops even places you beside a 15 metre tall rushing waterfall.


The natural scenery is spectacular enough, but zipliners can also expect to see rare flora, hear the calls of the Samango monkey or be flying through the canopy alongside an Emerald cuckoo.


The Canopy Tours company runs seven official eco-adventure canopy tours throughout South Africa, including spots in Cape, Drakensberg and Swaziland.

The tour is open for anyone aged between 7 and 70, and it’s the perfect opportunity to scrap any fear of heights. If these guys can do it, you can too.

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 (All images: Canopy Tours South Africa)

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