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You Can Take An Elevator Down Into An Actual Volcano In Iceland

You Can Take An Elevator Down Into An Actual Volcano In Iceland

So it’s official, Iceland rules. This cooler than cool country is now proving it’s more than just a pretty face – Iceland is now the only place on earth where you can take an elevator ride down into a once active volcano.


Kind of like that one Brendan Fraser movie, you too can Journey To The Centre Of The Earth inside a volcano and experience a once-fiery abyss. The volcano in question, Thrihnukagigur, is found just outside Reykjavik and is open to brave visitors who are keen on getting a once-in-a-lifetime look inside a volcano’s molten centre.

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Luckily, the dormant Thrihnukagigur hasn’t popped for over 4000 years with its last eruption recorded to be remarkably violent. Interestingly, the volcanic chambers weren’t sealed shut, as would normally happen following a cataclysmic eruption – this fact has stumped scientists for years. The magma seems to have seeped through tunnels and passageways deeper in the earth, leaving a huge chasm below the surface ready to be explored by curious cave divers.

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The Inside The Volcano tour takes visitors down the depths of the volcano in an open cable lift – the only requirements to be able to go on the tour are a willingness to hike to the top of the crater and to be brave enough to literally get inside of a mountain. You’ll descend 120 metres down the chamber, which is about the height of the Statue of Liberty, until you reach the magma floor.

With little to no light, your small group will explore the cavernous rock cave and get spooked out by your guide likening it to the depths of hell. Thrihnukagigur, however, is far from a fiery inferno, sitting at about 5 degrees inside the volcano.



(All images: Inside The Volcano)

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