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You Can Stay On A Deserted Island In The Whitsundays

You Can Stay On A Deserted Island In The Whitsundays

Keen to visit the Whitsundays but aren’t in a position to afford a fancy hotel after the annual Christmas financial blowout? As well as amazing beach-side resorts and the world’s best snorkelling, the Whitsundays is also home to a number of campsites, sometimes even entire islands, where you can erect your temporary shelter and buckle down for the night with nay another soul in sight. Just you, secluded beaches, crystal clear water and vibrant coral as far as the eye can see.

The islands are often remote, with only basic facilities and accessed via boat – your own or through Island Transfers, who will drop you off and pick you up at a campsite of your choice. Island Transfers also offer camping gear to hire and provide drinking water for your stay.

With over 40 camping grounds around the Whitsundays to choose from, here’s a few options to inspire you.

Dugong Beach, Cid Harbour

(Photo: Island Tranfers)

This site has seven camping spots, so it’s suitable for larger groups. It’s beside a beautiful sandy beach and linked to a 1.5km walking track through coastal rainforest that takes you to the secluded Sawmill Beach.

Joe’s Beach, Cid Harbour

(Photo: Island Transfers)

This site provides great snorkelling and kayaking opportunities, and with a maximum allowance of 12 people there’s no chance of it ever feeling crowded.

Chance Bay


Chance Bay is located on the east side of Whitsunday Island, a 3.2km walk from the famous Whitehaven Beach. Chance Bay itself has the same white silica sand and none of the crowds, so it’s a great spot for relaxing away from the masses. It sleeps just 12 people.

Steen’s Beach


This little beach on Hook Island is set in a rainforest beside a sandy beach overlooking Hayman Island. It’s the most remote and secluded of the campsites, and gives you access to very clear snorkelling water and reefs. There is only one booking allowed at a time, so if it’s a private beach you’re after it’s recommended you book this one out in advance.

Denman Island

(Photo: Daniel Pietzsch/Flickr)

Denman Island is another hidden treasure that is often overlooked. It’s a cheap, short boat ride from the main port, Shute Harbour, and it avoids the choppy seas on many of the passages to the other camp sites. Denman Island is very small and only one booking is allowed at a time, meaning you get the island and its beautiful surrounding water all to yourself. Beware: the beach here isn’t sandy – it’s decomposed coral so bring good footwear.

Camping permits are required and fees apply at all campsites. Click here for more info.

(Lead image: Richard Rydge/Flickr)

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