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You Can Stay In A Batman-Themed Hotel Room In Taiwan

You Can Stay In A Batman-Themed Hotel Room In Taiwan

Don’t be fooled by the name – Taiwan’s Eden Motel is far from your ordinary Best Western. The Eden is actually what is known euphemistically  as a “love hotel”, a cozy, discreet establishment where patrons can shell out $50 for three hours in a themed suite.

At the Eden Motel, you can choose between suites decorated in any number of ways – Alcatraz, a bamboo forest, plastered with love hearts or, best of all, Batman.


Yes, you can actually pay to spend a few amazing hours in your own private Gotham. The whole suite is decked out, floor-to-ceiling with Batman memorabilia and clever decorative touches – everything that can be shaped like the bat symbol is, from the boudoir mirrors to the flat-screen TV. There’s an ottoman shaped like a Batmobile, and the walls are even textured to look as though they’re made of stone.

The Eden Motel bills the suite as a “momentary sensual escape”, and the Batcave is indeed the perfect place to bring your nerdy special someone and act out that Batman and Catwoman (or Batman and Robin) fanfiction we all know you’re obsessed with.

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