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You Can Now Stay In A Vintage Airstream On Bolivia’s Salt Flats

You Can Now Stay In A Vintage Airstream On Bolivia’s Salt Flats

At an altitude of 3656 meters above sea level and stretching over 10,000 square kilometres, Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest – and most impressive – salt flat. A remnant of several prehistoric lakes, this flat surface is known to cause a few cool optical illusions – like when a thin layer of water gathers on the surface, the reflections make you look like you’re walking on clouds. It’s tops.


Visiting the Salar de Uyuni is often done through day trips; visitors can stay along the edge of the desolate moonscape and venture out onto the plane from dusk ’til dawn. But really the only way to truly embrace this landscape for what it is, is to stay right in the heart of it.

This just in: boutique camping has officially reached Bolivia.


Vintage airstreams are all the rage right now, and installing one to sit among Bolivia’s biggest tourist destination is pretty genius. There are a few tour companies that include an overnight stay in a vintage Airstream on the salt flat, including Select Latin AmericaAbercrombie & Kent and Cox & Kings. Each experience is pretty similar – guests are driven out towards the remote location of the Airstreams and pretty much left to experience the space in complete solitude.


The Airstream sleeps two and is fitted out with all the amenities you might need for an overnight stay in the desert: toilet, hot-water shower, heater, queen-sized bed, iPod dock and a fully stocked minibar. The trailer is towed behind a 4WD and another smaller trailer that carries a kitchen and dining necessities. After a private chef whips you up a delicious Bolivian meal, your driver and chef depart for the nearest village, leaving you to your own devices for the night (which includes a radio and satellite phone for emergencies).

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You know how they say solitude is bliss? I think they were talking about this place.

(Images: Select Latin America)

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