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You Can Now Picnic Hanging Over The Edge Of A Mountain Gorge In Victoria

You Can Now Picnic Hanging Over The Edge Of A Mountain Gorge In Victoria

Summer in Victoria’s high country is built for adventurers – there’s national parks to explore, hidden swimming holes to cool off in and a brand new picnic spot that comes with an extra side of vertigo. You’re going to want to hold onto your lunch for this one.


Just three hours north of Melbourne, brave adventurers can now plant themselves 300 metres above Mount Buffalo’s Oven Valley, suspended by just a few ropes, some webbing and some bolt anchors.


Getting there is a feat in itself too – your adventure begins in at the base of the gorge where you’ll tackle a 25 and 45 metre abseil up towards your Portaledge. With your heart rate beating, you’ll then be lowered onto your temporary lunch spot complete with a gourmet picnic basket full of locally sourced goodies to indulge in. While you stress-eat your body weight in bread and cheese – if you can muster it – you can also look up to enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Buffalo National Park from your unique vantage point.


While we’ve certainly seen things hanging off the side of cliffs before – there was that see-through hotel in Peru, this hanging restaurant in China and even this stairway to nothingness on a cliff edge – but this might be the first time someone has decided to bank on the guts of fearless Aussies before.

The alpine portaledge picnic at Mount Buffalo takes about two-and-a-half hours and costs $390 for two people. Worth it for that view, for sure.

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