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You Can Hire A Pro Photographer To Follow You Around On Holiday Now

You Can Hire A Pro Photographer To Follow You Around On Holiday Now

Taking awesome travel photos can come down to a few important things: your ability to work a tripod/selfie stick/your own arm, your passion and drive to achieve that “one great shot” and sometimes, your ability to ask kind strangers to take photos of you in front of cool backdrops.

Oh hey! Didn’t see you there.

It’s amazing what people will do to achieve that “one great shot” too: scale a wall to get the perfect vantage point, take upwards of 50 photos of the same exact spot in quick succession just in case one of them will be perfect, curse the sky for clouding over just as you were about to push the button… Hey, we’ve all been there.

And not to sound too preachy, but photos are important. They’re little souvenirs from your travels that you can fondly look back on or brag about on social media (we’re all guilty of it), so if they’re not any good, you’re less likely to want to dig them out ten years on.


So, what it we told you that you never need to climb a wall or ask a stranger for the perfect travel photo ever again? Flytographer has arrived to cure any and all of your travel photography woes.


Flytographer is the answer to an age old question: ‘Why didn’t we bring a professional photographer on our holiday so they can properly document this momentous journey?’ Professional photographers are great – they know about lighting, aperture, framing and other fancy camera lingo, and most of all they can take great photos of you when you’re not looking. Which, I don’t know about you, is basically the dream.

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Cool, right?

It’s gotta be the smartest service ever – Flytographer will connect you with over 300 local photographers in different cities around the world who you can hire to travel around with you and take awesome pictures. It’s perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, honeymoons, engagements, or really, just you and your friends hanging out in front of monuments.

There’s also the added bonus of having a local travelling around with you; they’re guaranteed to take you to some interesting spots that are a little off-the-beaten track.

You can browse the photographer’s portfolio before booking, and pricing depends on how long you’d like your shoot to go for. It’s even a great option if you’re travelling solo – everyone knows taking photos when you’re travelling alone can be tough.

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