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Aussie Cities Have Been Ranked According To How Friendly They Are, So Prepare To Fight About It

Aussie Cities Have Been Ranked According To How Friendly They Are, So Prepare To Fight About It

Many countries around the world claim to be the ‘most friendly’, but not everyone is right about that.

For example, quite ironically, during my time living in Canada they were so assertive about how friendly they were, it started to turn quite pass-agg. They’re a country of incredibly friendly people — until they need you to know how friendly they are, it’s bizarre.

To settle the debate, Expedia took a deep-dive into the global reviews on their platform to discover which city around the world resonated with their users.

The winner? Not Canada, not even Japan which frankly surprised me, although Kyoto did grace the list in 11th place. But no, the winner was Brisbane, right here in Australia.

Second place was taken out by Christchurch in NZ, which also doesn’t surprise me, because the Kiwis are so damn lovely. Canada did make the list however, but it was Quebec that made the top 10, which interestingly is the city that the rest of Canada would say is fairly unfriendly. So I guess it’s all about perception folks.


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The full global list of 13 friendliest cities runs like this:

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  1. Australia: Brisbane
  2. New Zealand: Christchurch
  3. UK: Liverpool
  4. Singapore: Orchard Road
  5. USA: New Orleans
  6. Canada: Quebec
  7. Mexico: Guadalajara
  8. France: Cannes
  9. Germany: Berlin
  10. Hong Kong: Discovery Bay
  11. Japan: Kyoto
  12. South Korea: Pyeongchang
  13. Italy: Verona

Now, obviously, we won’t be heading to any international destinations too quickly, no matter how friendly they are. Luckily, we have Brisbane right here for our dose of happy, but where does the rest of Australia’s cities rank?

Well, prepare to debate your heart out, because Expedia also released a top eight list of the friendliest Aussie cities, and I’m frankly not sure I agree.

  1. Brisbane
  2. Hobart
  3. Adelaide
  4. Sydney
  5. Perth
  6. Melbourne
  7. Cairns
  8. Surfers Paradise

To be fair it’s mainly Sydney that surprises me. Don’t come for me now, I live in Sydney, and I LOVE Sydney, but to me friendly means starting conversations with strangers and  having a smile for people passing you on the street — you know, all that wholesome stuff. Sydney just does not do that, and yet it ranked in fourth.

Anyway, go fight about it.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Joshua Willson)

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