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Cadbury Just Released A Gingerbread Biscuit Block And That’s Everyone’s Chrissie Present Sorted

Cadbury Just Released A Gingerbread Biscuit Block And That’s Everyone’s Chrissie Present Sorted

Not all Christmas foods are created equal. Gingerbread hummus, for example, is one attempt at festivity that should never have existed. Gingerbread Dairy Milk choccie though? That’s more like it.

Yes, Cadbury have done it again. By ‘it’ I obviously mean, bring us joy and pleasure through chocolate. They’ve announced the very limited edition release of a Gingerbread Biscuit block in time for Chrissie.


“After the unprecedented year Australians have experienced in 2020, we wanted to bring some Christmas cheer to CADBURY fans with the introduction of a nostalgic Christmas-centric treat,” said Kathy De Lullo, Senior Marketing Manager for Seasonal & Gifting.

Obviously inspired by the season to be jolly, the Gingerbread Biscuit block features (in my opinion the best) milk chocolate, with crunchy Gingerbread biscuit pieces throughout. The 170g block is going for $5 and is available around the country.

Just line it up alongside by Cadbury Crunchie blocks, please and thank you.

As a side note, I’ve just been peeping through the Cadbury Facebook page, and they have a heap of actually delish looking Christmas recipes. Like this Berry Pavlova Wreath. If that Charcuterie Chalet trend is a little over your head.


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(All Images: Provided / Cadbury Australia)

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