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A Real-Life Wizarding Tournament Is Coming To Aus And You Can Put Your Name In The Goblet

A Real-Life Wizarding Tournament Is Coming To Aus And You Can Put Your Name In The Goblet

Witchcraft & Wizarding: Play In Australia's Real-Life Wizarding Tournament

Some of us are Harry Potters, and some are Cedric Diggorys. They both completed the Triwizard Tournament, but sweet boy RPatz did it all with way more style. Anyway, now you’ve got a chance to test your own magical tournament skills at CluedUpp’s Witchcraft & Wizarding adventure day.

Equal parts scavenger hunt and detective investigation, the game will transport players into a Harry Potter-inspired fantasy world. You and your mates will try to solve a series of clues to defeat dark magic and “save the realm”.


But the biggest drawcard of the game is how damn big it’s going to be. The puzzle trail will lead you all over the city, and a session can last anywhere between one to four hours, depending on your magical sleuthing skills.

On game day, you’ll arrive at a secret starting location and solve clues as they’re delivered through a special smartphone app. The team who solves the mystery the fastest will win the grand prize, but there are a whole heap of other awards up for grabs — including “Best Dressed” and “Best K-9”. If you’ve ever wanted a matching Harry Potter costume with your dog, now’s your time to shine.


The game masters at CluedUpp are famous around the world for their large-scale, interactive puzzle games. They’re most known for their massive murder mystery adventure that brings a game of Cluedo to life.

Witchcraft & Wizarding is the company’s brand-new game, and we can’t wait to tackle a magical version of their unique outdoor adventure.

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Here’s the bad news — it’s not coming until 2020. Witchcraft & Wizarding will premiere in Melbourne on April 11, before moving onto Sydney (April 18), Brisbane (May 9), Perth (May 23), Canberra (June 6), Adelaide (July 4), Newcastle (July 18) and Darwin (July 25).

Tickets for all the games are available from the CluedUpp website now, and cost $78 per team.

(Lead image: Artem Maltsev / Unsplash)

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