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24 Amazing Adventures You Can Have In New Caledonia

24 Amazing Adventures You Can Have In New Caledonia

New Caledonia

A laid-back island getaway, a dive and snorkelling Mecca, a foodie’s dream come true, and a cultural melting pot where French style meets Melanesian charm to amazing effect; New Caledonia is a South Pacific escape which refuses to be pigeonholed.

But, did you know it’s an adventurer’s paradise, too? Though kicking back poolside with a few cocktails is a must, there’s plenty to get your blood pumping across the islands.

From skydiving above the vibrant lagoon at Bourail to zip-lines across the emerald treetops of Mount Mou, here are 24 adrenaline-charged adventures you can have in New Caledonia.

#1 Sail a traditional pirogue outrigger through the turquoise waters of Upi Bay at the Isle of Pines, keeping an eye out for inquisitive dolphins and turtles as you go.

#2 Fly above the famous Heart of Voh in an ultra-light. Hidden in the thick mangroves near Koné, this heart-shaped natural formation is best glimpsed from the air.

#3 Kayak around sacred island of La Poule, a rooster-shaped rock formation just off the beach at Hienghène, on Grand Terre’s rugged northeast coast.

Lifou, New Caledonia

#4 Walk through the forest to Lifou island’s hidden Kiki Beach, a pristine stretch of white sand which is only accessible at low tide via a small step ladder down the cliff.

#5 The islands are surrounded by reefs teeming with marine life. Though there are plenty of amazing dive sites to choose from, the soft coral “forests” of Poindimie are some of the best.

Nale, New Caledonia

#6 For a perfect combination of adventure and exploration, rent a jet ski either by the hour or by the day to explore the beautiful islets just offshore from Nouméa.

#7 Feel like a superhero as you fly through the air with an unforgettable 40-second skydiving freefall above the beach at Poé, enjoying incredible views of Bourail lagoon and reef.

#8 Dive or snorkel with manta rays, which frequent the waters around the Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands from February to June. It’s a magical experience to see them up close!

Ouvea, New Caledonia

#9 Feel the rush as you zip-line over the treetops and rainforest below with La Belle Verte Canopy Tours. There are 1.2km of zip-lines to explore, divided into four sections.

#10 New Caledonia is renowned for its French cuisine. After developing a taste at the local restaurants, take it a step further with a cooking class and return home with a new skill.

#11 Surf the reef at Bourail, AKA the best surf spot on Grand Terre. The warm water and consistent swell are perfectly suited to surfing, and almost nobody knows about it!

Bourail, New Caledonia
Image: Ethan Li / NCTPS

#12 July to September is whale season, with the migrating humpbacks drawn to the warm waters to give birth. The best way to see them is on a whale-watching catamaran tour.

#13 New Caledonia’s coral reefs are beautiful from below the surface, but they’re pretty jaw-dropping from above, too. A joy flight is the perfect way to see them from a new angle.

New Caledonia

#14 Go windsurfing or stand-up paddle boarding on the calm waters of Nouméa’s Lemon Bay, enjoying the show as colourful marine life dart in the clear water below.

#15 Zoom over rolling farmland, through lush rainforest and along the foothills of the mountains on a two-seater quad bike with Sarraméa Randonnées.

#16 Catch your fish and eat it too on a big-game fishing expedition. The deeper waters surrounding the islands are filled with big-game fish such as tuna and trevally.

#17 Kayak among the gnarled trees of the drowned forest in Blue River Park. Though amazing by day, it transforms into an otherworldly experience by night.

Blue River Park, New Caledonia
Image: Terres de Lumiäre / NCTPS

#18 Delve into the rich indigenous Kanak culture and cuisine at a homestay. Hear stories from local elders and try your hand at helping make authentic dishes such as bougna.

#19 Always wanted to kite surf? This is your chance. The calm waters and constant wind at Poé are ideal for beginners and will have you standing up like a pro in no time.

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#20 Saddle up for an unforgettable horse-riding expedition led by the real, local cowboys from Le Ranch du Carré 9, at Deva Domain on Grand Terre’s wild west coast.

Horse riding in New Caledonia

#21 Rent a 100 percent electric Mini Moke and explore. After taking in Nouméa’s bustling downtown area, venture further afield to discover the beautiful villages and hidden bays nearby.

#22 Trek to the summit of Mount Koghi. This rocky, winding 6.5km round trip can be a little challenging at times, but the views across Nouméa peninsula are a worthwhile reward.

Hortense Queen Cave, New Caledonia

#23 Unleash the speed demon within at the Netcha Trails, an epic near-150km network of mountain bike trails near Blue River Park in the south of Grand Terre.

#24 Dive the depths to the sunken shipwreck of La Dieppoise. Turned into an artificial reef in 1988, this former naval boat is now home to a kaleidoscope of marine life.

Beyond these 24 adventures, there’s still so much waiting to be discovered across the islands. If you’re hanging out for an adrenaline rush, New Caledonia has got you covered.

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(Lead image: Samuel Costin / NCTPS)

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