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Wish You Were Here: White Rabbit Restaurant, Moscow

Wish You Were Here: White Rabbit Restaurant, Moscow

Sky high dining meets delicious award-winning Russian cuisine at the White Rabbit Restaurant and Bar in Moscow.

Dip into traditional borsch soup with fried crucians, baked beans and turnip crisps, or veal tongue baked in the shape of traditional Russian lakomka ice cream, cooked into a morel sauce dough. Eat and drink to your heart’s desires all the while sipping your delicious cocktails and spying the vast Moscow skyline.


Located on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage, White Rabbit is encased by a sparkling glass panel that features 360-degree views of central Moscow.


Earlier this year White Rabbit took out the 23rd place in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list announced by British magazine The Restaurants. It was the only Russian restaurant to get a spot in the prestigious ranking and is currently one of the best gastronomic attractions in Moscow.

Head chef Vladimir Mukhin holds a tasting menu at the beginning of each season which is based on a selection of new ingredients, ideas and combinations that tie in with contemporary Russian cuisine. So far Mukhin has already introduced veal tongue, Black sea oysters, rapa whelk from Yalta and Crimean truffle to the daily menu, so get ready for some exciting flavours.

A tasting set will set you back around $165AUD per person, and includes a selection of delicacies like rapa whelk, ked mullet and calf sweetbreads. Even if you don’t understand half of the options on the menu, go for it – what have you got to lose?

(All images: White Rabbit)

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