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Wish You Were Here: The New York Bar, Tokyo

Wish You Were Here: The New York Bar, Tokyo

A great majority of Sofia Coppola’s 2003 gem Lost In Translation takes place at a bar. That bar – the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo – is where Bill Murray’s character Bob spends a whole lot of time drinking whiskey and reflecting on his life. While that all might sound quite depressing, the real life bar not as mopey as it would seem. If you find yourself seeking a little elevated introspection while in Tokyo, this swanky bar is just the place.



Visiting the New York bar is a splendour in itself – it’s everything a good hotel bar should be and without the ridiculously high cocktail prices. Settle in with an interesting cocktail or try a glass of vino from one of the city’s biggest selections of imported wine. There’s live jazz music almost every night and if you arrive before 8pm (7pm on Sundays) there’s no cover charge.

(Photo: Duane Storey/Flickr)

The views really take precedence here – sitting 52 floors up above Tokyo, it’s way too easy to sit back and relax thanks to the mellow ambiance and dimly lit seating. Keep an eye out though – smoking is still allowed indoors here and the fog certainly adds to the bar’s old-school cinematic vibe. Crank that moody atmospheric soundtrack and enjoy the view.


(Lead image: Nacho/Flickr)

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