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Wish You Were Here: Kingston Treehouse, South Africa

Wish You Were Here: Kingston Treehouse, South Africa

2015 will surely go down in history as the year tree houses got cool again – we found that cool Lord of The Rings inspired one, this magical hidden lodge in Costa Rica and even one a little close to home in the Daintree Rainforest – but this one in South Africa just might take the cake.


The magical Kingston Treehouse is just another reason why South Africa should be on the top of your bucket list for 2016. Located in the Lion Sands Reserve, within the Sabi Sands Reserve of Kruger National Park, this open air accommodation takes “unplugging” to a whole new level. While there is radio communication and a mobile signal, there isn’t any electricity or Wi-Fi so those phones might be a little pointless once they run out of battery. But not to worry – nature will be your entertainment.


You are literally sleeping in nature reserves – albeit just a little higher in the sky. This means there’s a good chance you’ll see a few animals wandering about at the base of your elevated room. Did you know Lion Sands Reserve has one of the highest densities of wildlife per square hectare? That means you’re basically guaranteed to see some wandering wildebeests and a few predators stalking their prey. So. Cool.


As well as the remarkable view, there’s also a super swanky room to boot – the Kingston Treehouse is modern yet understated, and certainly lets that ever-changing view take precedent. Your tree house is equipped with a bathroom and shower facilities as well as a huge queen bed fit with an insect net. The hotel even supplies a gourmet picnic dinner for you to enjoy under the stars.


(All images: Kingston Treehouse)

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