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Wish You Were Here: AER Lounge, Mumbai

Wish You Were Here: AER Lounge, Mumbai

Top of a 34 storey building, check. Futuristic and modern design, check. Remarkable panoramic views of the city, check. Fancy as cocktails at your finger tips, check. Actual wind that makes it look like you’re permanently wind-swept and cool, check.


Covering the entire roof of the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, the AER Lounge is a modern and super futuristic rooftop bar that oozes class and cool. This is probably the most hyped bar in Mumbai, and for a reason. If you’re visiting at night, you’ll be able to witness spectacular views of the bustling city and the lights that seem to go on well into the distance.

Right at the centre of the rooftop is a saucer-shaped bar with a bartender that accepts requests and mixes some pretty heady cocktails. If you’re up for it, try the ‘Fired Up’ cocktail which mixes whiskey, mint, jalapeños and pineapple.


Don’t stress too much about visiting in monsoon season either, AER Lounge is equipped with a canopy and windscreen during the wet months, keeping you toasty warm and dry.

(All images: AER Lounge)

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